G-Pin Pinhole project upgrade

Mendizza G-Pin upgrade

The first three rolls have been successful! I am always a bit paranoid when walking around so I tend to put in the dark slide for safety. The square sides make it really easy to set the camera on things when not on a tripod, and I have taken a couple shots with it on its side for a vertical shot. Many people give me strange looks, and some come and ask about it. So far everything seems to work as intended.



The big improvement that is now finished are the laser engraved framing lines. For my first rolls, I was just eyeballing approximately what I was aiming at, now there are four sets of lines on the top, as well as the right to cover all the different lens and film combinations. On the top, the solid lines are for the 6x7 format, and the dotted lines are for 6x4.5. on the right the solid lines are for 120 film, and the dotted lines are for 35mm. To help keep things clear, the wider lens lines form a V and the longer lens lines an A. The logo on the left is purely cosmetic, but hey why not?


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