08. December 2023
My experience with, and tips for getting the most out of the Instax back by Escura

On Location Podcat
08. April 2021
Some pictures to accompany an episode of the Sunny 16 Presents podcast.

G-Pin Pinhole project upgrade
18. March 2020
A few upgrades to the GS-Pin camera

11. January 2019
Going to Madeira for a couple weeks of vacation with the Minolta Hi-Matic 7s and the Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII Rangefinder cameras and lots of film.

18. November 2018
Building a Pinhole camera using the film backs from my Bronica GS-1 as a starting point.

04. November 2018
After the front cover is removed, you can get a look at some of the camera’s internal workings. The shutter mechanism is built around the taking lens, and the controls to adjust the Aperture and Shutter speed are accessible. Adjacent to the viewing lens is a small mechanism that controls the self-timer.

21. October 2018
Until this point we haven't done anything drastic, now we will need to start taking things apart. If you are lucky and your two lenses are aligned properly than the is the only thing you need to adjust is the distance scale. It is an easy fix, and I will get to it later on, but to be honest you probably won't want to bother with it. To align the two lenses it is necessary to remove the front cover of the camera. Set the camera to Bulb and wide open if it is not already, so the dials will align...

14. October 2018
I am about to explain how I took apart and repaired my Rolleiflex, please be careful if you attempt to do the same, and remember that you are doing so at your own risk. This worked for my Rolleiflex Automat, and the principals should apply to all TLRs but they may be put together differently.

16. September 2018
Before taking anything apart, I looked into sending the camera to someone to have it professionally repaired. This is always a good option, for valuable cameras, or if you feel unsure about your own DIY ability's. In my case, the cost of having the camera repaired would likely have been more than I paid for it in the first place, and I rather liked the idea of taking it apart. So I began researching possible causes for my focusing problems. To understand the possible focus problems, we need to...

19. August 2018
Shortly after my Rolleiflex arrived was my second shoot with the wonderful Sarah, this time a bit more in the 20's stile. Of course I brought along the new camera and shot two rolls of film with it. Everything worked great. The focusing was smooth, the film advanced with no problems, and the flash sync seemed to work fine as well. All in all it was a joy to use, and I was already looking forward to seeing the results. I used a small lope to help with the focusing, as the built in magnifier was...

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