Airport photo tour

Jennifer in the poppy field

Laura in the woods






These were taken on the newish LomoChrome Metropolis film.



Hidden Gaze

Photo walk Erfurt

Paper Couture: Vogue magazine dress

These shots were taken as part of a fun competition organized by the Sunny16podcast


"The Cheap Shots Challenge was created to show that you can have a fantastic time with film photography without needing to spend much money. Never mind lusting after a Leica, or hankering after a Hasselblad, just get yourself down to a charity shop, thrift store, car boot sale or whatever and find yourself a bargain!"

The dresses were made by cutting out pages from old fashion magazines, and after a lot of experimenting, folding and tape, I managed to make two dresses for the shoot. My lovely friend “Kim” agreed to come and model. We shot a roll of Portra 160 for the color shots, and AGFA APX 100 for the black and white.  “Scanned” with my digital camera and the highly recommended plugin “Negative Lab Pro” was used to invert the color negatives.

Fototreffpunk Leipzig

Franzi H.


Le Meet Up 3, Leipzig


Leipzig Meet up




Sarah again 20s style...

Playing with Flash

I was chatting with two other photographers after a foto-walk, and we had the idea to get together and practice using off camera flash. A simple idea turned into three photographers, two models, and six flashes! along with gels, umbrellas, grids, reflectors and flash-benders. Bianca and Tino were kind enough to come model for us.





These were taken as part of a workshop. We went to a quarry where there were piles of sand and stone to use as backdrops. A  wheat field across the street made for a nice change of seen.

40s style Hollywood Glamour Portraits

Inspired by a YouTube video (link) I stumbled across, the idea to do a shoot in this genre began to unfold. I got a couple of books with lots of pictures from the era, and posted on Facebook looking for models. In the end one photo shoot turned into four, and a lot of great portraits. Some of the photos don't really fit to the 40s look, but were great portraits so I included them here.






This was my first studio portrait experience. The shoot was organized by Thomas Richter, a local photographer who I met because of a funny coincidence. I was really only there to assist and learn, but Thomas and Anna both said it was fine for me to take some pictures as well. Thomas was a great coach, and explained everything as he was doing it. Anna was a great sport and very patent. These pictures were possible thanks to both of them.